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Best Swords and Knives Reviews

What are the kinds of swords and knives

There are a number of swords and knives. The details of some of them are given in this article.

Among the best known Swords and knives there are :

  • Aikuchi which is a small Japanese sword. This does not have a guard.
  • The Barong sword is used by the Moros who come from the Philippines. This is not only used as a weapon but these Swords and Knivesdouble up as a tool.
  • The bearing sword was usually carried by the person who walked behind the leader and these would be used more in ceremonies.
  • Black swords are the short bladed single edged sword which either have a straight or else a curved blade.
  • The bokken wooden sword has it’s roots in Japan and these were used for training people.
  • The coronation Swords and knivesare those that are associated strictly with monarchy.
  • The broad swords are military kind of swords which have a wide blade and they have a single edge.
  • Chisa Katana sword is the sword which is short and could be used either with both hands or one hand only and the hilt of it is around 10-11 inches. 
  • The Chokuto sword were single edged straight ones and sometimes they were partially double. These were originally Chinese and brought into Korea and Japan later.
  • The spatha sword was the one which the roman cavalry used to use
  • The scimitar was popular with the Persians and was used for hunting.
  • Sabers were used mainly by the cavalry
  • Kris are double edged blades of Malayan swords 
  • These are just a few kinds of Swords and Knives. There are numerous other ones which exist as well including the Mameluke sword, krigsmesser sword, Kodachi sword and others.

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