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What are the various kinds of swords and knives

Swords and knives have fascinated people for centuries now, you just need to look at the success of https://www.katanasale.com/pages/katana-samurai-swords to appreciate the success. Not only were these swords and knives weapons which were needed to defeat the enemies but were also considered as heirlooms and passed on from one generation to the next.

There are various kinds and probably hundreds of types of swords and knives. The main categorization of these swords are :

  • European swords which again come in various varieties. The two handed swords including the claymores as well as the longswords. These swords were so huge that they needed two hands to be wielded. A similar kind of sword is seen in the movie “Lord of the rings”. European swords are also the rapier which has a narrow and long blade and this has a sharp point. This is great for thrusting. One interesting fact about rapier swords is that these have blades that except at the tip are not sharp. Also, this has an intricate design and it protects the persons’ hands during the battle. There are also the epee and smallsword which are used for decorative garb and they are used in fencing. The basket hilted claymore as well as the basket hilted swords and the cutlasses are also European swords and these come under the category known as backsword. These have complex hits and these were used mainly by the cavalry in Europe.
  • Asian swords are categorized as dao and jian swords. The daos are single edged and have slightly curved blades where as the jian is double edged.Infact the jian is simple and therefore known as the gentleman of weapons whereas the dao is called the general of weapons.
  • The African swords are different types. The sickle kind which is called the khopesh, the shotel which has a curved blade and wooden handle and ida which is narrower at the handle and thick at the tip.The only American sword is the macuahuitl. This was more of a club but could decapitate a person due to the sharp fragments which stuck out of the sides.

These are the main categories found of Swords and knives.

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