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Some interesting and unusual Swords and knives

Swords and Knivesare found in different cultures, among different people, of various countries and these differ from each other so vastly that it is hard to even classify some of these Swords and knives.

Here are some unusual Swords and Knives.

  • Turkana Ararait Wrist Knife: This is a wrist knife and the interesting part is that it is circular. This was found with the Kenyan Turkana tribe. This usually consists of a rectangular metal iron piece which is hammered and bent so that it forms a disc shape with the lower as well as upper surfaces which are curved.
  • The outer edge is then sharpened. The ends almost touch at the outer tips and they are cut so that they are at an angle and they slope towards the center of the knife and away from each other.
  • In the center there is an oval whole where the wrist goes in. There is another strip which is outside and used during battle.
  • The Turkana Ngigolio and corogat comes from Kenya and this is a finger knife. It is made of iron and it has a pitted and aged feel about it.
  • The Saif is a Saudi presentation sword. This is worn for specific functions and it is hung on the wall of the owner to show his or her accomplishment and recognition received.
  • The handle of these are made of gilded material and there is usually the palm tree and crossed swords depicted on it.

These are just a few kinds of Swords and Knives. There are numerous other ones which exist as well including the Mameluke sword, krigsmesser sword, Kodachi sword and others.

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